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"Karmaflow: a rock opera videogame" launches crowdfunding campaign on

"Karmaflow: a rock opera videogame" is a unique project which just went into pre-production. You take on the role of the Karmakeeper, who has been burdened by the task of restoring the balance of different worlds by finding the long lost Karmaflows. What makes this game unique is the fact that the narrative will be told through (interactive) music and song. The soundtrack will be performed by the world famous Dutch Metropole Orchestra, and members of Dragonforce and Epica amongst others.


Composer and initiator Ivo van Dijk wrote the rock opera "Equilibrio" in 2008, which was performed live with over 120 musicians, dancers and actors. "Karmaflow" can be seen as a spiritual successor. Van Dijk: "The idea was born about a year ago. Currently I am studying composition for media at the School of Arts Utrecht, and am specializing in game-audio. I have gotten in touch with several game-developers throughout the years. When the time was right, I pitched my idea to the guys of Barrelman games, with whom I work often, and we decided to start working on the game".

"Karmaflow" is a third-person puzzle/platform game, and draws it's inspiration both visually and gameplay wise from games such as Zelda, Journey, and the darker tone of Darksiders. The narrative will be brought through music, and is a mixture of a rock band, an orchestra, ethnic instruments, choir and electronics. Currently a cast is being put together consisting of different singers, who will take on the role of the in-game characters. Marc Hudson of the English speed-metal band Dragonforce is the first singer to be revealed as part of the cast.


Because of the high costs involved in both hiring and recording these musicians, the "Karmaflow" team has given a shot at starting a crowdfunding campaign on A perk is available for a digital download of both the game and the soundtrack, and can be claimed for only EUR 10,-. Other perks include a physical limited edition copy of the soundtrack and in-game statues.

The game will be released October 2014, and will be available for PC and MAC.

Visit the Indiegogo campaign:…



Twitter: @karmaflowgame

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